About Me

 Bedrock Rose Designer Laura Hingley

My Story 

I began designing and creating my own collection of unique handmade jewelry more than 10 years ago. 

I experimented with new techniques, designs, and materials, and before long Bedrock Rose had come to life. Over the past decade, I’ve honed my skills and let my imagination take charge to create original pieces you won’t find anywhere else. Each one is special in its own right and is the product of my years of practice and refinement. 

My Process

Today you’ll find me in my studio, drawing on my experiences traveling the world and my studies of a broad range of techniques to influence my innovative new designs. My Montana roots have added some beautiful Big Sky Country influences to my work, while my love for natural form has led me to experiment with stones and metals from all corners of the world. The result is a natural collection of handmade jewelry that will bring out the wearer’s inner glow.

Your Look 

I breathe creativity into every piece I shape so that you get something that sets you free to be truly you. I want my jewelry to be your new style, the missing piece that brings your sense of self to life.